Night Church

“Always have your answer ready for people 
who ask you the reason for the hope that you have.”

1 Peter 3:15

Night Church is based on the Nightfever initiative which was started in Cologne and which aim is to help those far away from the Church encounter God and experience His love and mercy.

In the rush and busyness of Leicester Square, Night Church is an opportunity for people to come into the Church ‘to breathe’. And often, we see people do that as they step into the Church: deep, long breaths… for something is happening. That something is really Someone: Jesus, who is at work loving, blessing, healing, renewing.

‘We cannot encounter God and remain unchanged however subtle the encounter, and Night Church does exactly that’. 

The format of Night Church includes Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, candlelight ambiance and soft, gentle live music whilst a team of people go out onto the streets and invite anyone passing by to come into the Church to light a candle and for a moment, be still.

Music during Night Church is varied with songs in English, French, and sometimes in an African language. The songs invite us into prayer and a deeper encounter with God. We have seen many people come off the streets and walk into the Church on their own when they have heard the music and sat for a long time listening, watching, feeling… 

The Street Outreach team invites people to come into the Church to light a candle and for a moment, allow God in the stillness to touch them. Many have questions about the Church, the service, God. Some share what has been going on in their lives, giving us the opportunity to pray for them or direct them to one of the priests for a chat or the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

“Night Church is about creating space for grace to happen’

Our role in this evangelistic outreach is minimal. We are often reminded of the Gospels with the meagre offering of 2 fish and 5 loaves which Jesus used to feed the five thousand (cf. Mt 14: 13-21, Mk 6:30-44, Jn 6:1-14). Small in our hands is so much more in God’s hands. We provide the music and the ambience, pluck up the courage to go out onto the streets, but God is the one who touches hearts, who heals, who renews, who converts. What people experience is the love and mercy of our God who knows them through and through as well as the stillness, peace and quiet which seems counter-cultural in a society that is constantly buzzing and on the move. 

Why not come along one night to see and experience the beauty of God through Night Church? 

Or would you like to join the Street Outreach team, inviting people into the Church? If so, drop me us a message here