In order to do, we must first be. How would we know what God is calling us to, unless we first spend time listening to His voice? 

Do nothing at all unless you begin with prayer.                                          

(St Ephraem the Syrian)


Prayer is the foundation of everything we do for unless we are rooted in Christ, we can do nothing. 

In our WestEnd Mission ministry, we aim to make prayer the very foundation on which we base all our evangelising activities. 

Throughout the year, we invite you to join us on our different prayer campaigns, whether it be our 40-hours Adoration, a novena or joining our virtual prayer group. 

Pope St Gregory the Great said, ‘when we are linked by the power of prayer, we, as it were, hold each other’s hand as we walk side by side along a slippery path; thus by the bounteous disposition of charity, it comes about that the harder each one leans on the other, the more firmly we are riveted together in brotherly love’. May our love for Christ and for one another root us more deeply into Him. 

We have our annual prayer campaign this Lent: our 40 hours Eucharistic Adoration