Spirit in the City Festival

The Spirit in the City festival aims to share the Good News of God’s love with everyone.   

Located in Leicester Square, the middle of the entertainment district, the Festival welcomes people of all faith, ages and walks of life. The events feature live music, workshops, faith conversations, opportunities for prayer and reconciliation, and much more.

Spirit in the City began in 2006 and is now firmly established as an annual Catholic festival in London‘s West End with the support of Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

Catholic parishes, various Catholic communities and other Christian movements come together to pray, celebrate and evangelise in a variety of ways.

Spirit in the city celebrates the Good News of Christianity and welcomes people of all faiths, ages and walks of life. It gives an opportunity to raise deeper questions about life and to search for new ways to connect with God and others around us.

To find out more about the festival, or to volunteer to be part of it, click here

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